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Working lately on a wrapper for Window’s Remote Differential Compression. The wrapper is written using Interop in C#. After writing much of the interfaces and coclasses, I don’t get very far using the code before running into a memory exception. I run into the same exception using an imported type library, which I had difficulty obtaining initially. My inexperience with interop makes it difficult to know how to fix the issues I’m having, but I’m going to keep at it and hopefully release something here for others to use.

UPDATE: Very important note to remember when manually defining your COM interfaces in C# – “they must declare the interface member functions in the order that the methods appear in the COM interface”. Thank you, MSDN. After following this step everything fell into place and I’m back on my way. Although, since this is the case, I kinda wish they wouldn’t sort everything on MSDN alphabetically. At the very least, to avoid situations such as these for COM. I’ll post some code later.

WordPress Switch

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Excuse the new and basic appearance of the the blog. I’d been playing some with this behind the scenes, but I hadn’t looked at it for a while. Perhaps pulling back the curtain will encourage me to improve the theme.

I coded all of the original blog’s interface and schema as an exercise. I didn’t really have the time to commit to improving and maintaining a component that only my site would use. WordPress is also a well-tested blog system, and available with numerous plugins. As a result, it made too much sense to switch. If you’d like to see the old blog, you can at http://www.walkingtarget.com/old_blog.